What Others Are Saying About Deana Carter
and This Book

“After being happily married (I thought) for 30 years, raising triplets and watching them succeed, the man I trusted devastated me in a single, long-distance phone call (he was on the other side of the country; I was in Walmart). My friend Deana helped me navigate this unnerving transition emotionally and with sage financial advice. Deana’s book is amazing, info-packed, humorous and fun to read. I LOVE it and know you will too. I plan to buy dozens of copies to give friends and family so they will be prepared, not naively blindsided as I was!”

~ Jill Stiker ~


“After reading this book, I recommend it to anyone contemplating or undergoing a separation, divorce or widowhood. Better to have this info before the fact. I had never heard of a CDFA, but Deana is one, and she is an invaluable asset in this arena.”

~ Ellen Greenhill ~



“Deana’s book provides insight into complicated issues in easy to understand language and her breezy writing style keeps the reader’s attention. Her exhortation to “Be Prepared” should be heeded by all. Her animated writing helps readers learn about topics like how Social Security and domestic relations orders effect divorce proceedings without being overwhelmed. I recommend this book to all married women to become prepared and empowered. Knowledge is empowerment.”

~ Beatrice Snider, Law Office of Beatrice Snider, APC ~


“With more than 26 years of financial planning experience from estate planning to divorce Deana has written a book that provides a wealth of useful information for women of all ages faced with a critical, life altering change.”

~ Richard P. Edwards, Esq ~


“For twenty years, my financial philosophy was to make sure my wife had enough when I died. But God laughs when you tell her your plans. Deana has written an important book for surviving spouses. I recommend considering all options and I highly recommend her book.”

~ Vincent Bartolotta, Senior Managing Partner, Thorsnes Bartolotta McGuire LLP ~

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